Frequently Asked Questions

Xartly is a Global Arts Directory that promotes the arts and connects art lovers worldwide. 


Every member gets a beautiful individual web page with all the relevant sections to promote their experience and work, including an about section, a media gallery, contact details and even a private store to promote unlimited number of products and services. Members can also have private chats, rate products, leave comments, choose their favorites and certainly have a good time getting to know new artists worldwide. 



Yes, everyone is welcome to create a free profile and share it with the world.


We are currently covering the following categories:


     1.- Visual Arts

          1.1.- Artisan

          1.2.- Cartoonist

          1.3.- Handcrafter

          1.4.- Digital Artist

          1.5.- Painter

          1.6.- Pencil Drawing

          1.7.- Photographer

          1.8.- Sculptor

          1.9.- Visual  Artist


     2.- Performing Arts

          2.1.- Acting

          2.2.- Ballet 

          2.3.- Clown

          2.4.- Comedian

          2.5.- Dancer

          2.6.- Juggler

          2.7.- Magician

          2.8.- Mime

          2.9.- Musician

          2.10.- Music Group

          2.11.- Puppeteer

          2.12.- Rock Band

          2.13.- Singer


     3.- Applied Arts

          3.1.- Architect

          3.2.- Culinary Artist

          3.3.- Fashion Designer

          3.4.- Filmmaker

          3.5.- Graphic Designer

          3.6.- Jeweler

          3.7.- Landscaper

          3.8.- Watchmaker


      4.- Literary Arts

          4.1.- Book Writer

          4.2.- Comic Writer

          4.3.- Copywriter

          4.4.- Songwriter


   5.- Art Places

          5.1.- Acting Academy

          5.2.- Art Academy

          5.3.- Art District

          5.4.- Art Gallery

          5.5.- Art Museum

          5.6.- Art Store

          5.7.- Cinema

          5.8.- Dance Studio

          5.9.- Music Academy

          5.10.- Music Store

          5.11.- Theater


     6.- Art Services

          6.1.- Art Appraisals

          6.2.- Art Materials

          6.3.- Artists Management

          6.4.- Curator

          6.5.- Event Management

          6.6.- Framing

          6.7.- Art Insurance

          6.8.- Music Studio

          6.9.- Photo/Video Services

          6.10.- Printing

          6.11.- Shipping

          6.12.- Storage

          6.13.- Other Services



If you would like to  propose a new Art category to be included in our list, please do no hesitate in contacting us, we will gladly evaluate your proposal.

In order to build a great profile, we recommend the following tips when completing your profile form:

(*) mandatory fields    

     1.- Name*

          Use the name you would like to promote and it’s better known by your audience.

     2.- Tagline – Subtitle*

          Say something brief about you that will catch the attention of the reader.

     3.- About*

          Write as you like about you, your work and your experiences. Feel free to share as much as you want, people loves to know everything about you.

     4.- Category*

          Select the applicable category or categories for your profile.

     5.- Images & Videos

          As a general recommendation, the lower the image file size, the better for page speed.

               Profile Picture / Logo*  We recommend a picture of 512×512 px.

               Cover Image*  We recommend a picture of 1970×510 px.

               Gallery Images  You can add up to 16 pictures to your Gallery, the lower the files weight, the fastest the images will  load. 

               Videos  You can add up to 3 videos by cutting and pasting the Youtube or Vimeo links.

     6.- Contact Information

               Contact Email*  This is the email where visitors will contact you. It can be different from your account email address.

               Phone Number  Use a number where you feel comfortable receiving business calls.

               Website  Invite viewers to visit your own website.

     6.- Social Networks

          Promote the social networks of your choice so new people can start following you.

     7.-Location (*)

               Address   This is use for Geo-Location purposes. You may enter your City or full address for exact location.

               Country   This is used to group profiles by country.


In order to sell with Xartly you need to create the products and services you wish to offer and then select the ones you wish to publish live.

1.- Create your inventory

     1.1- After creating your profile, go to My Products and select Add Products.

     1.2- Fill out the Product Form and click submit.

2.- Publish your products,.

     1.- Go to My Profile and click Edit.

     2.- Go to the Store section at the bottom of your Profile form.

     3.- Click and select the products you wish to publish and click Submit.


We do not process payments.

No! there are no fees or commissions on Xartly, our platforms operates as a catalogue where customers can view and learn about your products and services, and if intersted, they can send you a direct email with their enquiries.

Sure! at Xartly we are all about sharing and promoting the Arts, so feel free to create a profile for the artists, art places and events you like you.

Eventually, if the actual owner claims the listing and is verified, we will reassign it immediately to the right owner. 


In order to claim a Profile, please contact us so we con verify your identity as the right owner and we will reassign it to you. 


At Xartly we are all about promoting the Arts, so the best support is to share our site with your friends and family!

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