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Music Lyceum provides you with a unique opportunity to learn piano online. We simplify the entire process of learning piano by eliminating the traditional path of music instruction. Our system of notating music addresses each note's location on the keyboard, proper finger placement, and timing. We bifurcate the piano keys into seven colored octaves making it easier to find the location of each note. Hence, you can learn to play your favorite songs in less time. The tab character denotes the location of the note on the keyboard and the hand and finger to be used. It allows an opportunity for quick learning. You do not need to spend hours learning traditional sheet music. You also do not have to play songs that are within your skill set. In just thirty minutes you can learn our piano sheet music and the basics of piano learning. With Music Lyceum you can turn your musical dreams into reality even when you are a beginner and do not possess any musical knowledge. For more details about our services, visit our site at &

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