Alchemical Quartz Pendants


by Paola Yancovic


An alchemical work of molding metal, enabled through the union and power of the 4 basic elements, which irradiates light and energy; delivering a message of love, peace and the unity to mankind.

Each piece is a unique work of Art.

Red quartz stone together with the alchemy of metal is used for Prosperity.

Green for Health

Pink for Love

Violet for transmutation

White for Purity

Yellow for Purity

Yellow for Enlightment

Black for Strengh

Blue for Protection

80% Aluminum – 20% Copper melted to 900 degrees Celsius to purify the metals.

Package includes: Paola Yancovic’s original pendant, surgical steel round necklace, 39 inches black leather stripe collar, black suede bag.


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