Platinum Partner : Software Reselling Solution


I am an ex-CEO and founder of a Salesforce platinum partner and through my experience, I have learned the different challenges of running a professional service business and especially for Salesforce Partners. Now I\\\’m doing a job as a Managing director in Platinum Partner


Platinum Partner aims to support the cloud community by helping customers to secure better pricing and support, Salesforce partners to streamline their license sales process and receive a share of the license revenue and software providers to extend their reach to more customers in need of their solutions. We provide the ultimate, end to end software re-seller service. We help our clients across APAC by using the latest technology, to get your prospects, and future clients to come to you. Our experienced team of Sales and Account management professionals guide and train your prospects through the sales and onboarding process, and offer a complete account management service, to help you maintain your client base and reduce churn. Website :


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