Gus was born in a small village in the north of Spain. He was drawn to art and photography from a very early age, inspired by great photographers and impressionist painters, such as Cartier-Bresson, Adams, Van Gogh, Monet and Renoir.

Combining a variety of photographic techniques, especially multiple and long exposure, Gus takes us into a magical journey into the depths of his imagination. Using an age-old natural technique, mixed with nowadays photographs, his images are multi-layered, simply executed, and visually delightful. Soft touches of color give his creations a dreamlike atmosphere. He often incorporates people into his works, since he considers that human beings are a fundamental part of our environment. These ethereal subjects seem to fade into thin air in front of the viewer’s eye. Endowed with a thoughtful and contemplative aura, standing in from of his photographs is like a meditation.

Gus started sharing his photographs in 2018. Since then, he has been in a steep rising trajectory and has received worldwide recognition. He has been selected by Photographize as one of its "Featured Artist". Also Circle Foundation for the Arts as Featured Artist Permanent and IBWPA.

In 2019 he decides to start presenting his works to prestigious international competitions and achieves more than 30 international awards, including a 1st Place in IPA Photography Awards and several Honorable Mention (in series category), two 3rd Place in ND Awards and several Honorable Mention (in series category), Absolute winner in the contest "Jose Antonio Sequi" in the city of Tarancon, Cuenca Spain or a 2nd Place and Silver award in ONE EYELAND Photography of the Year with his series "Austrian National Library" and a 3rd place with his series "Streets of Vienna, my vision".

Some of his works are already part of important museums of Contemporary Art

Gus has been published in several magazines, including Photographize Magazine, Photographize Monochrome, Shades of Grey and EYE Photomagazine, El Hurgador [Arte en la Red], Dodho Magazine, and Carrete digital o "Potassium K". He has also been invited to participate in several international exhibitions.

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